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This song is an explosion of Praise. Literally. The process of writing this song was a funny experience...I wrote about three or four songs that I liked few parts of each of them. Then, I grab the parts I liked, put them together, changed the rhythm in few spots, fixed the key so they would match and it was done. A musical puzzle! At the end, I got a Rock N' Roll with brass mixed with Jamaican ska!!

One day I was reading Ps 150 and the verse 2 blew me away. David wrote..."praise him for his surpassing greatness." Now stop and think a little bit about it and consider a few things...
Ps 19: 1 The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands.


EarthGod created the universe by just saying "let there be..." and then the, stars, constellations, planets and galaxies came to existence. Science will never fully explain the creation because the human mind cannot grasp the depth of God's understanding!
"Come Give Him Praise" is a song to magnify God. We should always enter His Presence with a a triumphant shout of Praise. That's how I want to introduce WHO MY GOD IS in this album.
When you and I Praise, the hell's foundation shakes in fear, because Satan and his angels know, that God's kids are calling upon daddy's name, and daddy will take care of their businesses while Praise goes on! When you and I praise, hell is in trouble. When you and I praise, God shakes the foundation of our problems and they simply crumble before His Glory.


Image courtesy from BibleGlo

Now think about what is written in Revelation 19. John is describing the sound of an explosion of shouts of praise before the throne of God. Not only the crowd Praises God, but also the lamb sitting right next to The Father, leads the crowd in Praise.

The opening guitar riff is an invitation for you to open up the window of your car and give a big shout of Praise. Never done that? Come got to try it!! Let me tell you one thing: forget about what others may think about you. PRAISE HIM FROM THE TOP OF YOUR LUNGS AND WITH ALL YOUR HEART!

Turn up the volume and COME GIVE HIM PRAISE!


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