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This is the most important song in the album. It is the song that originated the whole idea behind the album's theme and it is a very dear song that God gave me back in 1996. I wrote it in Portuguese first, and years down the road, I wrote its English version.

Back in that time, I was going through a very difficult time being unemployed and at the same time, leading worship at my church as a volunteer


One afternoon during that period of time, I sat down at the piano we had at home and played the whole afternoon. Free nothing. Just playing and praying. I remember diving into a pool of tears, crying out over my own life for the true God that I was singing at church Sunday after Sunday, proclaiming his power and authority over my own life.

At a certain point into that intimate moment with the Lord, I remember His whispering a special melody in my spirit. I couldn't stop singing it and kept playing the piano, murmuring that strong melody. Thank God, I was using an old cassette tape to record my playing which ended up capturing that melody/harmony. I was singing what later would become the chorus of Abba Father.... I still have the tape somewhere at my house.


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After wiping away the tears, I realized that God had visited me in my prayer time. I understood that he was giving me a song. A friend once said something very interesting "All the music that ever existed or that will ever become an audible experience for us, already existed in the eternity. So God just simple reveals them to whomever he wants. It is all His." Songwriters simply borrow music from Him and dare to sign for the authorship...but that's another looong philosophical and theological discussion! ( I will write about on my blog one of these days...)

So I started to really dig into the idea. The expression "Abba Father" came out while praying at the piano and honestly, I remembered reading it in the Bible but wasn't really sure where.

For my surprise, that was the expression Jesus used while praying at the Garden of Gethsemane. He was the first person in Bible to call God like that. What an awesome discoverd I made that day. Jesus was calling his own father in a very loving way..."Dear daddy!" Just before being arrested, tried and crucified. What an agony he was going through at that moment calling out his heavenly father...what a time of affliction he was going through!! I could not imagine God listeing his own son calling him like that? Can you? I still cannot...but...the fact was...Jesus was crying out for his heavenly father.


So...the song, was expressing my soul's pain and screaming for God's help while I was going through such a difficult time in my life. It song opens on a minor key that communicates my soul's solitude of my soul's pain given somehow a sad atmosphere to the tune. But the in the middle of that harmoniy and melodic sadness, the lyrics communicates the peace we can only find at God's feet. Moving forward into the song, it transition into major key which prepares for a big melodic phrase at the chorus which was the part that the Lord gave me that day at the piano. The arrangement you hear in the album today, I was listening on my head at that very day.

My friend, all that to say that God loves you and me. He knows what we go through in life. He knows that we depend on Him even when our deceitful hearts scream in the silence of our anguish. My prayer is that this song can inspire you to keep on going. Don't give up because of your circumstances. Remember that He is a loving Father and is waiting for you to call upon Him.

May this song be an inspiration for you, as much as it is for me. Be sure that your tears are known before God's throne. He will rescue you from your situation. Wait upon the Lord and let Him renew your strength. In the meantime, turn up the volume and sing to our ABBA FATHER!!!


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